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Milking parlor analysis

Treatment and vaccine protocols

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Milking Parlor Analysis

We use the latest technology to ensure your parlor is reaching its full potential
By testing the vacuum, pulsation, etc, we can assist you in making sure the equipment is working properly and is set up according to the manufacturer recommendations
Monitoring and training the employees in the parlor will ensure they are following the correct procedures all the time
By monitoring computer records and cameras, we can make sure we are always moving in the right direction, even when nobody is watching

Sample Reports

Herd Monitoring Reports

Customizable weekly and/or monthly reports that help us monitor and track changes over time

These reports allow for increased communication and interaction amongst your team members

Anonymous herd to herd comparisons allow you to see how you compare to your peers, both locally and on a national scale.

Following is a sample report that the producer would receive from The Dairy Authority during Health monitoring. More specific information can also be obtained in each reported category.