Reproductive Services

Optimized Fertility: Key to a Successful Dairy Operation

Comprehensive Reproductive Solutions for Optimal Fertility and Herd Management

Effective reproductive management is crucial to the success and profitability of your dairy operation. Ensuring optimal fertility and pregnancy rates allows you to maintain a productive herd and achieve your farm's performance goals. At The Dairy Authority, we offer a wide range of reproductive services, including pregnancy diagnosis, bull breeding soundness exams, and reproductive program protocol design and monitoring, to provide you with the expertise and support needed to optimize your herd's reproductive success.


Pregnancy Diagnosis via Palpation or Ultrasound

Accurate and timely pregnancy diagnosis is essential for managing your herd's reproductive performance. Our veterinarians utilize palpation and ultrasound techniques to provide precise pregnancy detection, aging of the pregnancy, and, in some cases, even the sex of the calf, allowing you to make informed decisions about culling, breeding, and calving management.


Embryo Transfer Services

The genetic potential of your dairy herd is a critical factor in determining your farm's success and long-term sustainability. By optimizing your herd's genetic progress, you can improve milk production, reproductive performance, and overall herd health. The Dairy Authority's state-of-the-art Embryo Transfer services offer an innovative solution to accelerate the genetic progress of your herd, helping you unlock the full potential of your dairy operation.


Bull Breeding Soundness Exams

The fertility of your bulls is a critical factor in the success of your breeding program. Our comprehensive bull breeding soundness exams are not just a semen exam. A complete BSE evaluates the physical characteristics of a bull necessary for mobility and athleticism in the pens, structural soundness, overall reproductive development, testicular size and health, and semen quality. This information will help you identify and address potential issues and optimize breeding outcomes.


Reproductive Program Protocol Design and Monitoring

A well-designed and monitored reproductive program is the foundation of a successful dairy operation. Our veterinarians work closely with you to develop customized reproductive protocols tailored to your farm's needs and goals. In addition, we provide ongoing monitoring and support to ensure your program is on track and delivers the results you need to achieve optimal herd performance.

Our services include training your farm staff to follow the programs and programming of scanners and software on the farm.