Medical Services

Maximizing Dairy Performance with Gold Standard Health Solutions

Providing tailored health services, ensuring sustained performance and productivity of your dairy herd.

We understand that dairying is an around-the-clock task, and our veterinarians offer high-quality medical services to your animals that meet the industry's gold standards so you get peace of mind and your herd achieves top performance. Our doctors recognize the importance of health management programs to ensure the optimal care of your cows to reduce losses caused by disease. Because each farm faces different challenges, we can tailor the care your farm receives to meet your team's goals. Our medical service includes comprehensive herd health medicine, international and interstate animal transport services, and various surgical procedures.


Individual Animal Evaluation and Management

Our veterinary experts provide thorough health evaluations for individual animals, formulating customized management plans to address any health issues identified.


Post-Mortem Examinations and Disease Outbreak Investigations

In the unfortunate event of animal fatalities, we conduct detailed post-mortem examinations to identify the cause of death, helping to mitigate the risk of disease spread.


Vaccination & Treatment Protocol Design

We create tailored vaccination and treatment protocols to ensure the ongoing health and well-being of your livestock.


Passive Transfer Monitoring in Calves

We help you monitor the efficiency of your colostrum program to ensure optimal passive transfer of maternal antibodies and help you manage the health of your heifers.


Calf Thoracic Ultrasonography

We utilize advanced imaging techniques to monitor calf health, particularly respiratory health to help you guide treatment decisions


Liver Biopsies and Blood Mineral Panels

To evaluate nutritional status and liver health, we conduct liver biopsies and blood mineral panel testing.


Close-Up and Fresh Cow Monitoring

We provide rigorous health monitoring for cows in the close-up and fresh stages, promoting successful calving and early lactation.


Sanitation Audits

Our sanitation audits identify potential areas of improvement to minimize disease risk, ensuring a clean and safe environment for your herd.

International and Interstate Animal Transport

We offer a suite of services designed to support the safe and lawful transportation of animals, both within and beyond national borders. These services include:

Certificates of Veterinary Inspection (CVI)

Our licensed veterinarians provide CVIs, a prerequisite for animal movement across state or national lines.



We conduct tuberculosis testing, a common requirement for animal transport.


Trichomoniasis and Anaplasmosis Testing

Our team offers to test for trichomoniasis and anaplasmosis, ensuring your animals are free from these infectious diseases before transport.

Surgical Procedures

Our skilled veterinary surgeons are capable of performing a range of surgical procedures to address various health issues, including:

Correction of abomasal displacement

Abomasal and Cecal Volvulus Correction


Hernia Repair


Emergency Services

We provide a round-the-clock emergency service to our clients for any sudden, urgent issues that may arise on your farm, such as:

24/7 Emergency Services

We're available 24/7 to promptly respond to any emergencies, mitigating potential animal distress and productivity loss.

Obstetrical Interventions

Our team is adept at handling a variety of birthing complications, including c-sections, fetotomies, and the correction of uterine and rectal prolapses and torsions.