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Northern Colorado's Premier Dairy Lab

Driving dairy excellence with precision lab tests and innovative reproductive solutions. Your herd's health and productivity, amplified.
One of the country's most advanced and innovative labs with everything you need from milk quality tests to pregnancy tests.
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Comprehensive Reproductive Solutions for Optimal Fertility and Herd Management.
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Providing holistic, tailored health services, ensuring sustained performance and productivity of your dairy herd.
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Comprehensive, Field-Based Expertise to Enhance Operational Effectiveness and Sustainable Progress.
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A dynamic fusion of science and veterinary expertise, delivering top-tier dairy lab services to drive herd health and productivity. Your trusted partner in dairy excellence.

Our Veterinarians. Pioneers in Dairy Health.

A team of talented vets united by one mission: to ensure your dairy herd's optimal health and productivity with industry-leading services.

Dedicated to Excellence

Every day we wake up and do what we love. We are a growing lab and team of dairy experts.

Commitment to Quality: Ensuring all our services meet the highest standards of accuracy and reliability
Stewardship: Prioritizing animal welfare and sustainable practices for the betterment of the dairy industry.
Innovation: Continually embracing advanced technologies and methods to elevate dairy herd health and productivity.

The People Behind Your Dairy Success

Meet the passionate professionals committed to your dairy's success. Our team brings together expertise, dedication, and innovation to deliver industry-leading dairy lab services.

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Dr. Greg Goodell - President

"Our strength lies in merging science with dairy farming for optimal herd health."