At Your Service, the TDA Courier Service 

In addition to milk samples, couriers also pick up BVD ear notches, blood for ELISA tests, feed, tissue, bedding, towels, and DHIA samples, and they can deliver sampling supplies to your dairy. 

By Tessa Kelly, TDA Lab Manager 

When The Dairy Authority Lab started in 2003, our goal was to culture milk samples to quickly provide accurate and actionable results that producers could use to make informed decisions about animal care. 

At that same time the TDA courier service was started to pick up milk samples on- farm and help expedite the turnaround time for results. As a result, area dairy producers can get accurate, dependable answers in less time than having to ship samples to a regional dairy lab. 

We identified a need and developed a solution to meet the needs of our customers. Fast forward to today. The TDA lab, and our courier service, now handle much more than milk samples. The TDA lab now regularly processes BVD ear notches, blood for ELISA tests, feed, tissue, bedding, towels, and DHIA samples. And our courier service picks up all of these types of samples from your farm. 

In addition to culturing samples, we can also run PCR and ELISA tests. And producers who use DairyComp or DHIA can have test results loaded directly into their software program. That means producers only have to run a report. This saves valuable time as producers no longer have to input the results themselves. 

Each service we offer was added to meet the needs of our producer and veterinary clients.  But a veterinary-client-patient relationship with a TDA veterinarian is not required to use the TDA lab and courier service. Lab services are open to anyone. In fact, many producers and veterinarians from around the country use our cooler exchange program and ship samples overnight or second-day air to be processed at the TDA Lab.

We Come To You

Each day Monday thru Friday the TDA courier service runs regularly scheduled routes through northern Colorado and western Kansas to pick up samples. The routes service the areas surrounding Eaton, Fort Morgan, Fort Lupton and Sedgwick, Colo, and Garden City, Kan. We are always willing to expand our courier service to meet customer’s needs. Producers can specify if they want samples picked up on a regular basis or if they prefer to call the day before to be added to the schedule. Sometimes in an emergency situation, such as a suspected disease outbreak when a large number of animals need to be tested quickly, we can schedule a custom courier to pick up for that location. 

When clients first request courier service for sample pick up, we meet, provide a marked container for samples, and agree on a location where samples will be stored such as in a refrigerator or freezer.  That way all the producer or employee has to do is place the samples in the designated space and the TDA courier picks them up. This eliminates the need for someone on farm to stop what they are doing or wait around for the courier to arrive. With a designated sample pick up location it’s simple, and easy for the clients and our couriers. 

Producers can also request to have sampling supplies such as milk and BVD vials, needles and blood tubes delivered by courier. Or they can request that the courier check and restock testing supplies at the dairy each time they pick up samples. Again, it’s one less thing for the farm to worry about. 

Customer service is a top priority. At the TDA Lab and TDA Courier Service, we strive to be a partner you can depend on to help you make informed decisions about the care of your animals and farm operation. Our goal is your success. To learn more, contact the TDA Lab at

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