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One of the most advanced and innovative labs in the country, The Dairy Authority has everything you need from Milk Quality tests to pregnancy tests.
One of the most advanced and innovative labs in the country, The Dairy Authority has everything you need from Milk Quality tests to pregnancy tests.

Everyday we wake up and do what we love. At the Dairy Authority we are a growing lab and team of dairy experts. Whether you need pregnancy diagnosis, bull breeding soundness exams, or fresh cow monitoring, we have experts in every field to help with whatever you need. We also provide anonymous herd to herd comparisons to allow you to see how you compare to your peers, both locally and nationally.

At The Dairy Authority we operate in a low stress environment, this is the key to a successful dairy. This not only helps our employees to do their job well, but helps the cattle to be calm to create a safe environment for both employees and our cattle. We love all of our animals and treat them accordingly, they come first and are the most important thing in our business.

Our in depth training programs on cattle handling and movement, help our employees understand how cows interact with humans and what we can do to work with them in a safe and humane manner.

We are a certified DHIA Field tester and lab service. We customize an on-farm testing program for each dairy and set up a testing schedule to suit the needs of the dairy. We analyze much more than SCC, fat and protein. We can also check milk for lactose, fatty acids and BHB (beta hydroxybutyrate).

Milk Microbiology is one of the most important things we do. We utilize highly skilled technicians and state-of-the-art instruments to achieve accurate results and a speedy turnaround time.

At The Dairy Authority we go beyond the lab and clinical side by offering dairy consultation, data analysis, nutrition, and more. An incredible team of lab and field experts, available whenever you need us.

We are a professional laboratory that does more than simple cultures. We offer a wide array of tests that are dairy focused as well as tests for other species.

Here Is A List Of A Few Services We Provide:

•   One on one training with on farm staff

•   SOP's for monitoring the health of animals after calving

•   Pregnancy checking via palpation or ultrasound

•   Hospital cow work

•   Surgeries

•   Calf Care

•   Milking parlor analysis

•   Nutrition

•   Treatment and vaccine protocols

•   Employee Training

We use the latest technology to ensure your parlor is reaching its full potential. By testing the vacuum, pulsation, etc, we can assist you in making sure the equipment is working properly and is set-up according to the manufacturer recommendations. Monitoring and training the employees in the parlor will ensure they are following the correct procedures all the time. By monitoring computer records and cameras, we can make sure we are always moving in the right direction, even when nobody is watching.

The Dairy Authority also provides a courier service to local clients. We have a route that runs through most of Northern Colorado. Call us to inquire when our courier service comes through your area.

We have experts in all areas of the dairy.  If there is an issue that you are unable to resolve, do not hesitate to contact us. For any questions please feel free to contact us at 970-351-8102 or email us at TDA Lab.

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